Digitalisation and Teacher Education (DigiTEd)

Improving teacher education is a strategic goal for the Norwegian Ministry of Education. The national strategy “Teacher education 2025” emphasizes high expectations for the development of teacher education programs all over the country. This is in accordance with UiB`s ambitions to be at the front of the development, as stated in strategy documents.

Digitalization and teacher education at UiB is a collaborative project between SLATE and UiB`commitment to, and priority of, the development of an integrated teacher education program led by the Director of teacher education. The aim of the DigiTEd is to contribute to the development of a digital infrastructure that will support and strengthen the integration of teacher education at UiB.

This will be done by addressing three key areas organized as sub-projects:

1.     Organization and structure of teacher education

An integrated teacher education, aimed at strengthening the teaching profession, needs a functional organization and structures that support coherence for student teachers, both within UiB and in the collaboration between UiB and partner schools. In this sub-project we will study program design for teacher education, and different types of learning designs with a particular focus on active learning for student teachers.

2.     Digital infrastructure for teacher education

A digital support structure for learning, teaching and communication is of vital importance in higher education and needs continual refinement and adjustment. At the core of this sub-project are questions of how UiB can support student teachers and staff in their learning processes, in the didactic processes of planning for, conducting and evaluating teaching, and in the redesign of study programs. The project will identify support needs and learning needs, both in terms of capacity and competence. What is the necessary support needed at arm’s length is an important question in this sub-project that aims at developing a digital infrastructure for teacher education and a needs-based digital knowledge base for student teachers.

3.     Partnership in teacher education.

An important part of teacher education is the student teachers’ practicum.Well-functioning partnerships characterized by productive collaboration between teacher education institutions and schools is crucial for providing student teachers with relevant, high quality practice. In this sub-project we will investigate the contribution and responsibility of schools and the university and develop and test various models for partnership in teacher education.

Project Period:

01.10.2019 -

Project Period:

November 2019

Funded By:

SLATE & University of Bergen

Project Leader:

Kristin Børte

Project Members:

Ingunn Ness, Kjetil Egelandsdal, Barbara Wasson

Project Partners:

Sølvi Lillejord, Director for Teacher Education, UiB

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University of Bergen
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