PhD Defense

Can Interaction Design Facilitate Medical Self-reporting?

June 17, 2024

10:30 - 14:30

Ulrike Pihls hus, Ulrikes aula.

Rosaline Barendregt will defend her doctoral thesis on June 17th, 2024, at the University of Bergen. The topic is "Reimagining Medical Self-Report - Using Interaction Design to Enhance Respondent Experience".

Patient participation is becoming increasingly important, and effective self-reporting is crucial for patients and healthcare personnel. Today's self-reporting solutions, where patients share private health data, can often feel overwhelming and unengaging. Rosaline Barendregt’s thesis will help change this by using innovative interaction design to make self-reporting easier and more appealing to patients.

Rosaline Barendregt, PhD Candidate and Researcher at SLATE. Photo: Mitra Fagerli Rahman.

The PhD project has developed two innovative artefacts: NOW Interactions and Respondent-centred Design (RxD) Framework for Medical Self-Reporting. The research has resulted in four articles focused on various aspects of the innovations, and applications of the innovations.

NOW Interactions is a practical approach to improving the collecting of patient-reported data. The communication process combines a reminder, an information request and a response in one seamless interaction. This reduces patient effort and enables more immediate, accurate responses, supported by the artifact's use in the headache diary prototype.

The RxD Framework redefines the approach to self-report design by adapting user-centered design theory to meet unique needs within health. The approach emphasizes principles of patient-oriented care and ensures that self-reports are clinically relevant, in accordance with patients' experiences and needs.

The work demonstrates the potential of interaction design to improve medical self-reporting, and it marks a significant advance in the integration of patient-oriented approaches in digital healthcare.


Rosaline Barendregt (born 1986) is a doctoral fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Bergen (UiB), and at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE). She has a BA in Communication and Multimedia Design from The Hague University, and an MA in Information Science from UiB. The thesis supervisor is Professor Barbara Wasson (Director of the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology, UiB).