The Erasmus+ research project Data Literacy for Citizenship (DALI) addresses the general need for better understanding of data and its impacts on people and their surroundings. By developing and publishing educational games, the project aims to encourage data literacy through fun and accessible games.

Therefore, a DALI games toolkit has been developed by the international, interdisciplinary DALI project members. We invite you to play, explore and learn!

On the Official DALI Toolkit Page, you'll find all tools and resources related to the DALI project, including games, information, resources and more. Publicly available project deliverables will be made available there when ready and content descriptions will be continuously updated. All content published on the site is therefore subject to change without notice.

The DALI Toolkit. Screenshot: Ingvild Abildgaard Jansen.

Available on the site are the manuals and printables for the different DALI games, in addition to references to information on the DALI framework. It is recommended to study the DALI data literacy framework and the information published on data literacy (available on dalicitizens.eu) before browsing the games catalogue and facilitators' guide.

Some of the games in the DALI Toolkit are available both as web games and as analogue games that can be printed out, such as the game Data Iceberg. Several of the games are played using a combination of classic paper board game pieces and smartphones.

The web game version of the board game Data Iceberg. Screenshot: Ingvild Abildgaard Jansen.


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