Symposium: Towards a Fairer Future of Education: Algorithmic Inequality and Learning Analytics

June 13, 2023


Scandic Ørnen, Bergen

The emerging applications of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education that employ student data to improve learning and teaching is gaining worldwide attention. The use of AI and Learning Analytics techniques are exploited for example in order to predict students at risk, forecast performance and generate recommendations of relevant content to the learning users. While both areas offer a wide range of opportunities to the end users, it may be an origin of negative effects on societies, including inequity and inequality. The majority of these effects can emerge from the bias and inequality in the data exploited by the smart algorithms.

We have many questions in our mind about having a fairer future of education with the emerging technologies. How can data and analytics be used to empower learners and what are their impact on education? How can we ensure that AI and Learning Analytics are used to support learning while preserving their responsible usage? What are the challenges associated with striking this balance? What can constitute an equitable and fairer use of AI systems in education and Learning Analytics? These are just an example of thought-provoking questions that we will highlight in our forthcoming symposium.

The Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) and MediaFutures Centre from University of Bergen invite you to the Symposium on Towards a Fairer Future of Education: Algorithmic Inequality and Learning Analytics that will be held in-person at the Scandic Hotel Ørnen in Bergen on June, 13th.

The symposium will cover many topics, including:
  • Responsible Learning Analytics
  • Explainable AI in Education
  • Learning Analytics dashboards
  • Social justice in education through algorithmic equality

The symposium assembles national and international experts in the field to share their knowledge and expertise, and engage in discussions about future directions of new technologies of AI and learning analytics for education. The floor will be open for debate and questions from the participants. Join us!

Please note: The registration deadline for the symposium is Thursday June 8th.

Speakers and Panelists

Dragan Gasevic
Katrien Verbert
Jelena Jovanovic

Scott Rettberg
Anja Salzmann

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