Best Poster at LAK23 to Qinyi, André & Mohammad

March 17, 2023

Qinyi, Andre & Mohammad win the BEST POSTER AWARD at LAK23 for their poster entitled Perspectives of Multimodal Data Sharing and Privacy in VR Learning Rooms

CONGRATULATIONS to SLATE PhD fellows Qinyi Lui and André Rabello-Mestre and Senior Researcher Mohammad Khalil for winning the BEST POSTER AWARD at the 13th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge  (LAK23), held in Arlington, Texas, 13-17 March.


Liu, Q., Rabello-Mestre, A. & Khalil, M. (2023). Perspectives of Multimodal Data Sharing and Privacy in VR Learning Rooms. In I. Hilliger, H. Khosravi, B. Rienties & S. Dawson (Eds.) LAK23 Companion Proceedings, 123-125. New York: ACM.


With the emergence of learning analytics, data-sharing practices and privacy have become a major concern for different stakeholders in educational settings. Recently, this issue has been accentuated by the rapid development of virtual reality (VR) tools which, because of their multimodal nature, are likely to raise further concerns regarding student privacy. In this context—of quick technical development and evolving data-privacy frameworks—it is critical to have a clearer grasp of the privacy perceptions of different stakeholders regarding the use of VRin education. To address this issue, this study looks at how PhD candidates in education perceive VR learning rooms from the positionality of students, instructors, and researchers. The purpose of this poster is to investigate the privacy perceptions of 30 PhDs, exploring their different identities and roles regarding data collection and privacy.

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