Meeting with Master Students

December 13, 2021

The Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology supervises a considerable number of graduate students on a yearly basis. Last week Prof. Barbara Wasson and Senior researcher Mohammad Khalil held a meeting with 3 master students to discuss the progress and challenges in the middle stage of their master theses writing.  

”SLATE’s director Prof. Barbara Wasson and I met with the masters students from the Faculty of Social Science. The meeting entailed presentations by the students and discussions about research questions and methodology, as well as how to proceed to finally submit their work. We talked about mutual expectations and provided a thorough feedback per thesis”, says Mohammad Khalil.

“We gave presentations and discussed what we have done this semester, problems we ran into, and how to progress with our theses. We were provided with an opportunity to dive deep into the nature of our research related problems, ask questions and to get input from SLATE's scholars and other students. The meeting was invaluable, and I personally feel like I have a much better view of what remains to be done, and how I should get the thesis move forward”, adds masters student Fredrik Haarde.


Check the list below for information of Slate’s master students and their research projects:

  1. "Personalized feedback in MOOC's", Fredrik Haarde
  2. "Understanding Collaboration in Virtual Labs through Learning Analytics", Hanna Birkeland
  3. "Increase student engagement in Zoom Learning session using chatbots", Magnus Jørs

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