New Senior Executive Officer Joins SLATE

New Senior Executive Officer Joins SLATE

February 22, 2023

Meet SLATE’s new Senior Executive Officer, Synne Hopland Iversen, who is working on developing SLATE’s new interdisciplinary master’s program.

A young woman with long blonde hair, standing next to a large green and white banner bearing the SLATE logo.
Synne Hopland Iversen, new Senior Executive Officer at SLATE. Photo: Ingvild Abildgaard Jansen.

In February, we welcome Synne Hopland Iversen to SLATE. Iversen is our new Senior Executive Officer, who is working part-time on study administration for SLATE. One of her main tasks is to collaborate with SLATE Researcher Fredrik Sundt Breien and SLATE Director Professor Barbara Wasson on our new interdisciplinary master’s program, which is currently under development.  

In addition, Iversen works part-time at the Psychological University Outpatient Clinic at Alrek Health Cluster at the University of Bergen. At Alrek, she contributes to running the clinic where the students have their work training. Iversen offers administrative assistance to students, supervisors and patients alike.

More About Synne Hopland Iversen

Synne Hopland Iversen has a master’s degree in Politics and Governance from the University of Bergen. She wrote her master’s thesis on how experts are involved in political processes, and whether this affects our democracy. Her bachelor’s degree is also in Politics and Governance. In addition, she has studied French language and literature both in Bergen and Paris.

Synne’s hometown is Alver, located in the region of Nordhordland in Vestland county.

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