The Departments of Informatics and Education and SLATE join forces to build a new centre of excellence in education

SLATE, the Departments of Informatics and Education join forces to build a new centre of excellence in education

May 10, 2022

Three different research communities at the University of Bergen have applied to become Norwegian Centre of Excellence in Education. Among candidates is the Department of Informatics with their plans to establish ScaleIT Centre, in cooperation with SLATE Centre and the Department of Education.  

Research groups and students have worked together to set up ScaleIT for the computer science education of the future. ScaleIT aims at strengthening informatics teaching by working in three areas:  

From left: Endre Egge, Nikolay Kaleyski, Fredrik Manne, Noeska Smit, Mohammad Khalil, David Grellscheid, Mikhail Barash, Robert Kordts, Brigt Arve Toppe Håvardstun, Lene Tøftestuen, Ahmad Hemmati, Shania Ineza Muganga, Nello Blaser. Foto/ill.: Randi H Eilertsen, UiB

Modular learning: To divide subjects into smaller pieces to respond better to the students' different levels of knowledge at the start of their studies.

Activities and tools: Development of new learning tools and activities, as well as collecting and making them available to students and teachers in computer science.

Social contact: Build relationships between informatics and other subject areas at UiB, as well as contact with the business community to build comprehensive and relevant study programs.

“As a centre with huge expertise in the field of Learning Analytics, we were invited to join building an SFU application together with the Department of Education and the Department of Informatics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. If succeeded, SLATE’s focus in the ScaleIT project will be on helping students following their learning paths through the usage of Learning Analytics. We cross our fingers for the ScaleIT project!”, says SLATE’s Senior Researcher Mohammad Khalil.  

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About the SFU initiative  

The Norwegian Centres for Excellence in Education (SFU) is a national initiative to recognise and stimulate excellence in Norwegian higher education. The initiative was established in 2010 and is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research.  

Through the SFU initiative, leading academic communities in Norway are awarded resources to further develop their teaching and education. The initiative is a long-term effort to stimulate the development of education and innovative approaches to learning in higher education at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.  

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