SLATE Welcomes New PhD Candidate

March 9, 2022

André Mestre is a researcher and sound artist working in the intersections between creativity, technology, and learning. At SLATE, he is investigating multi-user VR environments and their capacity to promote creative experiences and agency over learning.

He has previously published on topics of creativity in engineering education and the development of new musical interfaces. Before joining UiB, he worked at the Institute of Acoustics at the Universidad Austral de Chile, where he remains an Associate Researcher with the Laboratorio de Arte y Tecnología (LATe).

André holds postgraduate degrees in music from Boston University and the University of Alberta. As a sound artist, his works are generally conceived for small instrumental configurations augmented by electronic media or immersive installation environments.


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Rabello-Mestre, A., and Otondo, F. “Creative Dispositions: Teaching for Creativity in Engineering Education.” International Journal of Engineering Education (2021) 37 (4): 915–924.

Rabello-Mestre, A., Núñez-Pacheco, C., and Carrasco, M. “Finding Art and the Art of Finding: O Que Vos Nunca Cuidei a Dizer.” Leonardo (2021) 54 (2): 242–246.

Otondo, F., and Rabello-Mestre, A. “The Soundlapse Project: Exploring Spatiotemporal Features of Wetland Soundscapes.” Leonardo Just Accepted publication August 11, 2021.

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