The DALI toolkit is available to public

February 19, 2024

From the LTT event in Bergen

We would like to celebrate the completion of SLATE’s work on the DALI-project. Congratulations and kudos to our SLATE colleagues as well as our project partners for their hard work on the project over several years.

To conclude and spread the word about the toolkit, SLATE hosted several events. A Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT) event was held at Dialogen, UiB on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of September. You can find more information about it here.

The University of Bergen held the event “Fantastiske data! Forstå våre digitale spor gjennom spill“ on the 28th of November at Bergen Public Library. The event allowed participating public and adult educators to test and learn parts of the DALI toolkit. Read more about it and the international multiplier events here.

As a result, the DALI toolkit is now available to the public:

The DALI toolkit features 6 categories: the games catalogue, a facilitators section, the DALI framework, our publications, the resources and a ‘print & play’ category. The toolkit has been designed to foster data literacy among diverse audiences among adult learners and help educators to include the materials the DALI team created in their training or teaching sessions. Educators and adult learners now have the opportunity to consult, download, and print the resources. To help facilitators, the handbook, guide, as well as the games have been made available in English, German, Spanish, and Norwegian.

SLATE would like to thank our collaborators for their efforts. A special thanks to SLATE’s MA-interns, Geerte Koster, Raluca Mănăilă, and Vinayak Babu Rao, for their efforts on the project.

For further information about the DALI project, visit:

Find the project on Twitter/X:

What is DALI? Data Literacy for Citizenship (DALI) addresses the general need for better understanding of data and its impacts on people and their surroundings. By developing and publishing educational games the project aims to encourage data literacy through fun and accessible games.

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