Activity data for Assessment and Adaptation

The AVT project has developed a framework for learning analytics. The goal of the framework is to support adaptive learning and recommendation of relevant learning resources. The framework includes:

  • Fagkartet, a common reference set for subject areas and topics in numbers and algebra.
  • AVT-HUB that together with Nye Feide, ensures that integration of activity data from multiple Edtech vendors meets data access and privacy laws.
  • Specification of how to deliver activity data in xAPI-format.
  • Learner Model that describes how Mitt Fagkart can be expanded to an Open Learner Model with analytics and recommendation algorithms to support adaptive learning.
  • Mitt fagkart for students, teachers and guardians showing what data has been collected about a student and gives an overview of the student's academic level.

The project has also analysed activity data from 2 Edtech vendors and interviewed 4 from the Municipality of Oslo (Department of Education), 12 teachers, and 12 from the participating Edtech vendors. The project concludes:

  • Digital tools can support the teacher's teaching and assessment practices BUT there are contradictions in understanding what this means among the various stakeholders.
  • Learning analysis and adaptive learning open  new opportunities for individual adaptation BUT it is important that education as a whole is not reduced to individual problem solving, but also includes social learning through dialogue, collaboration, and practical activities.
  • Further research is needed to provide insight into the opportunities and challenges that learning analytics brings to the school, as well as what added value it provides for the various stakeholders.

Standards Norway's Learning Committee (Læringskomiteen) has assisted the project through the development of a status document regarding the standard format for activity data (xAPI).

AVT reports:

Hansen, C., Morlandstø, N., Jørgensen, B. & Bjønness, K. (2017). Projektet Dataporten for gunnopplæringen. KS FOU-prosjektet 174018, Læringsanalyse. SLATE Research Report 2017-1, Bergen, Norway: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE).

Morlandstø, N.I., Hansen, C.J.S., Wasson, B., Bull, S. (2019). Aktivitetsdata for vurdering og tilpasning: Sluttrapport. SLATE Research Report 2019-1, Bergen, Norway: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE). ISBN: 978-82-994238-7-8

Wasson, B., Morlandstø, N.I. & Hansen, C.J.S. (2019). Sammendrag av SLATE Research Report 2019-1: Aktivitetsdata for vurdering og tilpasning (AVT), Bergen, Norway: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE).

Wasson, B., Morlandstø, N.I. & Hansen, C.J.S. (2019). Summary of SLATE Research Report 2019-1: Activity Data for Assessment and Activity (AVT), Bergen, Norway: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE).

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Project Period:

Project Period:

June 2017

May 2019

Funded By:

KS FoU-prosjekt 174018-Læringsanalyse

Project Leader:

Nina Morlandstø

Project Members:

SLATE: Cecilie Hansen, Barbara Wasson, Christoph Trattner; UDE: Brian Jørgensen, Ellef Fange Gjelstad, Frode Nygård, Kjersti Bjønness; KS: Ellen Karin Toft-Larsen, Hilde Ravnaas

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Christiesgate 12, 2nd floor

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University of Bergen
PO Box 7807
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