Meaning, Values & Theories of Virtual Reality

Albeit virtual, phenomena experienced through VR technologies represent and abstract information and meaning from the real world. Although this is the case for almost any medium, the fact that VR represents its content ‘in the format of reality’ makes a significant difference.

The meaning and values represented essentially form the metaphysics of the virtual world and can further impact the identity of the users within it. These are issues that need consideration in VR’s steadily increasing popularization, especially within learning in schools. How should we best learn through Virtual Reality (VR) technologies? How should the user be represented in the virtual world, and what should the world represent? What is the ideal learning theory, and further design, for Virtual Reality Learning Environments? These are the questions that are explored throughout this project.

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Project Period:

June 2019

October 2021

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Joakim Vindenes

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