LA in Open Educational Resources in Computational Biomedicine

Biomedicine seeks to explain physiological processes at the molecular and individual level. Such information is essential for the understanding of disease progression and for the development of new treatments and therapies. This current and future medical research relies on the existence of people with expertise in the biomedical field. To raise the quality of teaching, training and learning within the field of biomedicine, new and innovative approaches are required. To this end, this project deals with open-access and online courses to increase the bioethical knowledge and awareness in the biomedical community. The target group of this project is students in biomedicine, applied statistics, computer science, and biotechnology. SLATE is involved in this project by providing help and support to launch massive open online courses in collaboration with all the partners from the nordic countries. SLATE will also provide learning analytics and statistics to the partners.

Project Period:

Project Period:

September 2017

September 2020

Funded By:

Erasmus +

Project Leader:

Mohammad Khalil

Project Members:

Barbara Wasson

Project Partners:

KTH, Sweden

SLATE, Norway

University of Turku, Finland

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

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