Scalable Learning Analytics for Data Integration in Higher Education

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In the area of Higher Education, Learning Analytics has proven to be helpful to colleges and universities in strategic areas such as resource allocation, student success, and finance. These institutions are collecting more and more data than ever before, to maximize strategic outcomes. Higher Education looks forward to a future of uncertainty and change. In addition to the national and global as well as political and social changes, the competition on university level increases. Higher Education needs to increase financial and operational efficiency, expand local and global impact, establish new funding models during a changing economic climate and respond to the demands for greater accountability to ensure organizational success at all levels. Learning analytics in higher education looks at obtaining findings on the academic progress of students, predict future behaviors and recognize potential problems in an early stage. Further, Learning Analytics in the context of Higher Education is an appropriate tool for reflecting the learning behavior of students and provide suitable assistance from teachers or tutors.

Project Period:

2018 - ongoing

Project Period:

January 2018

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Project Leader:

Mohammad Khalil

Project Members:

Jeanette Samuelsen, Weiqin Chen, Barbara Wasson

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Christiesgate 12, 2nd floor

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University of Bergen
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