Scaling up Educational Innovation in Schools

The European Educational Research Association has expressed serious concerns on quality and impact of educational research in Europe. The commonplace critique of educational research is that it is grounded in conventional assumptions about learning and teaching in a single setting, including the problems with fragmented and compartmentalized knowledge and lack of holistic view on learning, thus, failing to provide understandable input for improving learning and teaching and scaling up new practices and methods. Responsible Research and Innovation implies that stakeholders work together during the whole research and technology-driven innovation process in order to better adopt and scale up innovation.

Scaling Up Educational Innovation in Schools (SEIS) will significantly strengthen educational innovation research not only in Estonia, but in the Baltic states and in wider Europe by taking educational research and innovation to the next level addressing RRI principles and current dominating limitations in the field.The Twinning project SEIS aims at supporting the vision of Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation (CEEI), Tallinn University, Estonia to become the leading and competitive research centre in educational research and innovation with the potential to influence educational innovation research and development among stakeholders in Estonia, Baltic States and in wider Europe. The overall objectives of the SEIS project are to:

  • strengthen CEEI research and innovation capacity
  • promote the CEEI into the competitive institution in Estonia and wider Europe, and
  • to form a basis for integrating its research activities further into international collaboration

Project Period:

1 January 2020 - 31 December 2022

Project Period:

January 2020

December 2022

Funded By:


Project Leader:

Barbara Wasson (UiB)

Project Members:

SLATE, University of Bergen: Barbara Wasson, Mohammad Khalil, Cecilie Hansen, Ingunn Ness, Kjetil Egelandsdal

Project Partners:

University of Tallinn, Estonia (Project Coordinator): Terje Väljataga, Tobia Ley, Kairit Tammets

Tampere University, Finland: Jussi Okkonen, Iiris Tuvi

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