SLATE is an international research centre working with a mandate to carry out research in the learning sciences. Centre researchers carry out integrated, multi-disciplinary research to advance the frontiers of the sciences learning & technology. Among other things, they consider how learning analytics, data visualisations, machine learning, and data mining can be used to improve and inform both teaching and learning.

Why (do we need) data exchange?

Exchange of student data enables SLATE researchers to conduct research on students' success in higher education. The aim of the research is to improve learning for the individual student. Among other things, we want to offer students visualizations ("dashboards") that can display information about learning progress in your courses, and to develop systems that offer individual recommendations (for example, in terms of study techniques, study materials and courses).

How will the data exchange take place?

In order for SLATE to access your results and activity data, you must first give your consent. The consent form is the legal basis for services and complies with of the Personal Data Act §8 on conditions for processing personal data. Once your consent is given, your data may be transferred to SLATE at regular intervals. SLATE wishes to store the data for an as of yet undetermined amount of time, as we are conducting different research on student success.  

The data will be used exclusively in SLATE learning analytics research; accordingly, data will not be used for student assessment or other purposes that can have direct implications for individual students. One researcher at SLATE (the leader for this project) will have access to directly identifiable personal data (UiB user-ID), three SLATE researchers will have access to de-identified personal data (de-identified user-ID). This project has been notified and approved by the Data Protection Official for Research (email: Participation in this research is voluntary, thus you may withdraw your consent at any time.

Which data will be exchanged?

Data from MittUiB: With your consent, SLATE will receive data from the activity log concerning your activity within the Canvas LMS. Examples of the kind of data to be received includes: logins, visits to course pages, accessing course notes and other files, submissions, participation in discussions and quizzes, calendar activity, reading list information, and course announcements. If available, SLATE will also record any data concerning your results (for example, mid-way grades) as well as information about your course participation. SLATE will also receive your user-id (stored de-identified).

Data from UiB’s Student System (Felles Studentsystem, FS): By giving us your consent, SLATE will receive information from FS about your current and previous study programme and courses, final results, and individual login information on StudentWeb. In addition, user-ID (stored de-identified), gender, birth year and post code (from student registration address) will also be received.​

Data from MittUiB and StudentWeb are linked via an anonymous user-ID.

Other information

Questions can be directed to the leader of this project, PhD candidate Jeanette Samuelsen (email:

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