Designs for learning

Design & learning-centric analytics // 6th international conference 2018


The Designs for Learning 2018 is the 6th conference in a series that addresses issues related to designs for learning, technology enhanced learning, design-based research, multimodal knowledge representations, embodied interaction, on-line environments, and learning ecologies.

We  invite papers on  general topics such as:

  • reconceptualising teaching, learning and assessment in a digitized era - theoretical and methodological approaches
  • ethical considerations of technology enhanced learning and learning analytics
  • methodological issues (designed-based research, interaction design, ethnographic and descriptive methods, mixed methods, multimodal representations)

A special conference thread focuses on the design of learning environments and the implications of design for learning-centric analytics. This means there will be a thread of papers exploring topics such as:

  • How does the design of learning environments take into consideration the opportunities for including learning-centric analytics as part of the learning and teaching process?
  • How does the design of learning environments influence what kind of data and information that are captured for learning-centric analytics?
  • How can data be derived and interpreted from learning environments and how can studies be designed for a more critical and qualitatively sound understanding of data from such environments?
  • How can information be visualized in learning-centric analytics (Designs for information visualization)?


​COMPLETED RESEARCH STUDIES – Full papers (4000-6000 WORDS, including references)

Full papers present complete and original studies and accepted papers will be invited to be published in a special section of the journal Designs for Learning. The contributions should be between 4000 to 6000 words including references and should be formatted according to the formatting guidelines of the Designs for learning journal. Submit pdf file to EasyChair.

WORK IN PROGRESS – Short papers (2000 words, including references)

Short papers present original and unpublished studies that are still in progress. Upon acceptance the papers will be published in proceedings as a pdf-document on the conference web pages. The contributions can be maximum 2000 words including references and should adhere to the formatting guidelines for the Designs for Learning journal. Submit pdf file to EasyChair.


Submissions should include the title of the panel, the names and affiliations of the organizer(s), confirmed invited participants, and participants who have been invited but not confirmed. Although they can be invited only at the time of the submission, we encourage organizers to get confirmation from as many participants as possible prior to submission. All panelists must be listed as authors in the proposal. You must include the session format: how will you run it, the invited participants’ role, your role, the audience role, and any special logistical needs (e.g., special seating or A/V, audience size limitations, expectations about attendee background or interests, etc.). Submit directly in EasyChair form.


Workshops are a gathering place for attendees with shared interests to meet in the context of focused and interactive discussions, hands-on activities, or design-oriented activities. Workshops are an opportunity to move a field forward and build community. If you are working in an emerging area in the field, please consider organizing a workshop. Submit directly in EasyChair form.


The DfL Doctoral Consortium is a one-day workshop that provides the opportunity for PhD candidates to share their dissertation research  and receive feedback from their peers and experts.  A synopsis of your research should include a brief background to the research,  identification of the significant problem(s) being addressed, the research methodology,  identification of core methods/techniques, and a current status of the work and results achieved so far (e.g literature review, submitted or accepted papers, prototypes designed or built, experiments carried out, etc.).  Submit pdf file to EasyChair.

SUBMIT - your paper to EasyChair


Full papers and short papers will be subject to a double-blind review process, and authors must ensure that their names and affiliations do not appear in the submitted papers.  Each paper will be reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers.  A jury of peers will examine workshops and panels. The evaluation will focus on originality, quality, and how well it fits the conference theme.  

The accepted full papers can to be submitted to a special section of the Designs for Learning journal with the revisions requested by the reviewers. A second review round will ensure that the revised paper adheres to the standards of the journal.

All submissions are submitted to EasyChair (link coming soon).


At least one author of each accepted submission must register for the conference before the early registration deadline in order to be published in the proceedings.

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