SLATE´s Senior Researcher, Ingunn Johanne Ness, is visiting researcher at University of Cambridge

SLATE´s Senior Researcher, Ingunn Johanne Ness, is visiting researcher at University of Cambridge

June 1, 2022

Dr. Ingunn Johanne Ness, theme leader of Creativity, Learning & Technology, is visiting the University of Cambridge this spring, invited by Professor Rupert Wegerif.

Ness participated in the UiB MOMENTUM program 2019/2020 and decided to spend her funding wisely, visiting this world leading environment on creativity, dialogue and technology. Due to COVID-19, it was a long wait before she could travel, but now finally, she is settled in Cambridge at Hughes Hall. This is the oldest graduate college in Cambridge and it is one of the most international colleges, bridging the academic and external worlds, with an open and informal atmosphere.

Ness is in particular exploring Digital Education Futures Initiative (DEFI) with an aim to explore the possibilities that digital technologies have opened up in the field of education. DEFI intends to become a hub for research, discussion and thought regarding how digital technologies might, or might not, transform education in the future.

Further, Ness is interested in Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research (CEDiR) which has an aim to consolidate and extend this research, reaching across disciplines and contexts to develop the potential of educational dialogue at all education levels and to have an impact on theory, policy and practice.

As part of the visit, Ness is invited to give a presentation on her research on creativity, learning and technology.

She is also invited to a Fellows’ Guest Dinner as Wegerif´s special guest. “This is a fun experience”, Ness says – and adds “Obviously, such dinners are great for networking and I am intrigued by the many fascinating research projects I hear about, but more than anything, it feels so wonderful to be able to sit together again, face to face, and just engage in spontaneous dialogues – that really spurs creativity!”

A part of the Cambridge experience includes punting and Ness is eagerly participating int his tradition.

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