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EduTrust AI: New SLATE Research Project Funded by Trond Mohn Foundation

April 21, 2023

The Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen are launching three research projects focused on developing more trustworthy systems for artificial intelligence (AI). One of these projects is EduTrust AI, led by SLATE Director Professor Barbara Wasson.

In the last ten years or so, there have been significant technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI). It has become a natural part of research, education, and work. However, if we want AI to gain broad acceptance in society, it is important that AI systems are reliable and trustworthy. Current AI systems lack scientific definitions and clear criteria for human values, such as justice, responsibility, safety, privacy, and other important ethical aspects. There are also serious weaknesses in the legal frameworks within which AI systems operate, and issues with accuracy and robustness in the systems.

Photo: University of Bergen/Trond Mohn Foundation.

In order to meet these challenges and strengthen the high-quality AI research at the University of Bergen, the Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen have developed a research program called "Trustworthy AI".

In the autumn semester of 2022, The Trond Mohn Foundation announced a competition where the academic communities at UiB could apply for support for ambitious research projects with the aim of significantly increasing the trustworthiness of AI systems. The projects had to include expertise from multiple research groups and disciplines, and have a goal to develop processes, methods, algorithms, and/or tools to help solve the AI challenges. In total, the three projects will receive 40 million Norwegian kroner.

For such an interdisciplinary research centre as SLATE, which gathers researchers from multiple disciplines, including information science, computer science, cognitive science, sociology, pedagogy and law, this competition seemed highly relevant. Therefore, we had to apply, and we are happy to say we were selected!

Edutrust AI

Among the three new research projects that were selected for funding, was AI and Education: Layers of Trust (EduTrust AI). The project is a collaboration between SLATE, the Faculty of Psychology, and the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen. SLATE Director Professor Barbara Wasson will lead the EduTrust AI project.

The main goals of the EduTrust AI project are:

a) to identify layers of trust associated with the use of AI in the educational sector that considers the complex accountability relationships,

b) to develop new knowledge, methods, guidelines, and tools for more reliable AI systems,

c) to translate insights about legal, psychological and sociocultural determinants of trust into legal requirements,

and d) to provide input for practicable frameworks related to the challenging questions surrounding the use of student data and AI systems in education.

SLATE would like to extend a big thank you to the Trond Mohn Foundation for the generous donations!

UIB AI and Trustworthy AI

The University of Bergen established the UiB AI initiative in 2022 with the aim of coordinating and showcasing all research, education, and innovation activities focused on artificial intelligence at UiB, and to facilitate collaboration and contact between faculties and partners outside of UiB.

The UiB AI initiative and the three new research projects will develop a joint collaboration project to promote joint activities, joint communication initiatives, and collaboration. This collaboration work is supported by two million Norwegian kroner from the Trond Mohn Foundation.

Read more about the Trustworthy AI program and the three research projects here.