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Learn2Esport joins the eSportsNS project !

May 28, 2020

The esport education platform provider Learn2Esport has joined SLATE in the esports in Nordic Schools (esportsNS) project.

esportsNS is funded by the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) at the University of Bergen. The project aims to understand the impact of esport education on the students’ well-being and academic performance.

With the collaboration of Learn2Esport we will expand the horizon of the project and combine self-report data with data analytics to better understand the play behaviours and practices of esport students. SLATE Masters student Daniel Ostnes is also joining the team.

Dr. Angelica B. Ortiz de Gortari, lead researcher of esportsNS says:

"Esport education programs in high schools offer a unique opportunity to encourage safe and healthy video game playing, especially important during the early stage ofpursuing the dream of becoming a pro-gamer. With the esportsNS project, we want to contribute to the emerging need to identify factors to develop esport programs that go beyond skills and performance to also consider psychological factors and mental health."

Jonathan Bäckström, Head of Education at Learn2Esport, says:

"AtLearn2Esport, we strive to base all of our decisions and development on data and research. This is why we are very excited to be part of esportsNS and together with our partner schools, share data that can help us understand the benefits of esports in education. It will also help us understand what we can improve to have an even bigger positive impact on the students' lives, studies,and future career." 


The goal of the project is to obtain empirical data that can be used to improve the courses and activity data to help better play, thus strengthening the benefits students can obtain from enrolling in the programs.


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