Research themes

‍Visiting Address:

Vektergården, Christiesgate 13, 3rd floor

Postal Address:

University of Bergen
PO Box 7807
N-5020 Bergen, Norway

Innovating Pedagogy with Virtual Reality

SmartNet: Initial Technical Development

Research On & With Virtual Reality

Narratives and Narrative Effects in Digital Game-Based Learning

Learning Analytics in Virtual Reality

eSports in Nordic Schools

Neptune: Tactical Simulation Game to Train Officer Cadets in Maritime NATO Operations

Learning Trails: Vilde Vite and Make Your Fish for Vilvite and Bergen Aquarium

Intelligent Accountability in Schools

Mapping Relational Leadership

Meaning, Values & Theories of Virtual Reality

Leading Creative Knowledge Processes: Knowledge Intensive Organizations and Learning Contexts

Teacher Inquiry Into Student Learning

Scalable Learning Analytics for Data Integration in Higher Education

Peergrade BI Study on Peer Assessment and Learning Analytics

Peergrade study on Peer Assessment and Learning Analytics

LA in Open Educational Resources in Computational Biomedicine

MOOC: Seksuell og Reproduktiv Helse og Rettigheter

Learning Analytics Architecture at UiB

Desentralisert Kompetanseutvikling

Coping After Breast Cancer

Adaptive Learning in Mathematics (ALMAT): Gyldendal Multi Smart Øving

The Potential of Learning Analytics for Supporting Assessment for Learning and Understanding Learning Processes

Systematic Literature Review on ICT in Higher Education

Innovative Pedagogy Report

Developing Course Materials on Epistemic Network Analysis

Creativity in the Workplace – Envisioning “The Room of Opportunity”

State-of-the-Field on Learning Analytics and Knowledge

Peergrade Høyskolen Kristiania Flex

LA in Higher Education: Case study at the University of Bergen

Inquire Competence for Better Practice and Assessment (iComPass)

Mapping Learning Analytics in Norway: Challenges & Opportunities

Big Data e-Infrastructure for Educational Data

Activity data for Assessment and Adaptation

Aktivitetsdata for Vurdering og Tilpasning